Spring has sprung!

We are lucky that our office is on the banks of a river and for the first time this year we were able to have a cuppa outside whilst watching the kingfisher flit about over the river.  While we were there we noticed a canal barge going by. This got us thinking about how nice it must be to drift along the waterways and watch as the world passes by but of course being in the business of water hygiene and testing our thoughts quickly turned to the standard of water on board in regards to drinking water quality and Legionella risk.

When you hire a boat, can you be sure that the tank has been cleaned, have the risks of Legionella been acknowledged and is the water you take on board at fill up spots actually to an acceptable standard for safe drinking?

The advice is the same as it is for any holidays rentals, don’t be afraid to ask the renter. Click the link to see what you need do if your unsure https://bit.ly/2Gbsv7N

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