Hot tub test kit

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More and more people are installing hot tubs and spas at home and while they are an ideal way to relax after a stressful day they can also provide an ideal environment for bacteria.  Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Legionella are just two of most serious ones. However, with proper management these can be prevented.

Our hot tub bundles help to make this easy:

Test Strips (1 tub of 50 strips included in this bundle)

Our 5 pad test strips enable you to be able to test pH, total hardness, Bromine, Chlorine and alkalinity in one go so no need to juggle different tubs.  Just dip the entire strip in the water, swirl three times and remove.  Hold the strip level and compare the strip colours to the chart on the tub starting with alkalinity then chlorine/bromine, total hardness and after 15 second, pH.

DPD1 Liquid (1 28ml bottle (250 tests) included in this bundle)

A quicker, easier and cheaper alternative to using DPD1 tablets for measuring the Chlorine/Bromine levels in your tub.

Basic Pool Water Quality Sampling Kit (1 sample)

This pool water quality sampling kit allow you to test the water in your tub for E.coli, coliforms and TVCs.  This simple to use kit come with everything you need to carry out the test.  The sample then goes to our UKAS accredited lab for analysis and results will be emailed to you with certification and advice. True peace of mind.


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