Dental Water Line Enhanced

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Each kit comes with 2 sample bottles and 1 return envelope for free return of the sample along with detailed instructions on how to take the sample. It is possible to purchase additional sample bottles for this kit so multiple chairs can be sampled and returned at the same time.

If samples are to be taken at different times then buy multiple kits of 1 bottle.

This UKAS traceable laboratory test is the standard for water quality and determines the total number of viable bacteria present in the water sample. The sample is incubated at 2 temperatures, 22°C and 37°C to detect potential pathogenic bacteria and more environmental based bacteria. In addition, this enhanced kit test detects any potential faecal contamination through an E. coli and coliform test and added to that tests for Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Pseudomonas species at a lower cost than using separate kits

This test also detects any potential faecal contamination through an E. coli and coliform test.

This test is a good indicator of general water quality and as such dental water line cleanliness. Whilst it does not specifically determine the type of bacteria present it is used widely to determine if a water system is clean or contaminated.

The test is easy to perform and has high resolution (10 bacteria). It is far more accurate than using dipslides and we recommend that it is performed 3 monthly to ensure dental water lines remain contamination free.

The cost includes:

Water Testing Supplies sending out the test pack
Instructions on filling the sample bottles to ensure correct sampling technique
Return pre-paid postage to return the samples to our laboratory
Laboratory analysis and Certificate of Results
Interpretation of analysis results plus recommendations on how to rectify any which show high bacteria counts present.


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