Dipslide Incubator MX2

£133.83 £160.60

Pre-set to 30°C and capable of holding 2 dipslides this mini incubator offers a simple and cost effective solution to low volume dipslide testing.


This mini incubator is suitable for situations requiring the small scale incubation of one to two tests in any 48 hour period.  The addition of low voltage heater control technology means this incubator can also run via an optional in-car cigarette socket, giving unparalleled versatility in situations where mobile/field testing may be required.

The incubator is easy to use, just plug it in.  The incubator is pre-set to 30°C so all you have to do is allow 15-20 minutes to stabilise the temperature and then drop in the dipslide.  A yellow heating indicator cuts in and out as heat is required.

The incubator runs from 12 volts DC with the mains stays at the adaptor/plug making it safe where where wet hands are handling samples. It also includes full electronic protection against overload situations.  The compact power pack features worldwide compatibility with automatic voltage selection between 110 and 240v; plug options are for UK, Europe.  With the optional cigar lighter cable the incubator can also be used in a vehicle.

The incubator features precision electronic control technology and is pre-set during manufacture. Despite its size and modest cost the incubator features a heat reservoir chassis to accurately hold the temperature.  This also makes the incubator extremely reliable.  There are no moving parts to thermostat and a transistor switched element gives a simple, consistent and trouble-free incubation.


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