Food Industry

Water is routinely used in food production as an ingredient, for cleaning, sanitation and manufacturing purposes. As such the food industry is required to have an adequate supply of potable available for use in food production to ensure foods are not contaminated. Drinking water is water fit for human consumption (e.g. drinking, cooking and food preparation) and in principle must be free from microorganisms and other contaminants that may endanger public health.
The majority of drinking water supplied to the food industry, comes mains supplies managed by the local water authority but there are some which will utilise water from other sources such as bore holes and springs. If this water is adequately tested and treated then it can be used as potable water in food production.
Another essential area in food production is cleaning and disinfection. We stock a wide range of strips which will allow you to check that the correct levels of disinfectant is being used and that no harmful residue is left.


Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulation (2002)
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974