Hotels and B & B

Hotels and bed & breakfast accomodation whether they are purpose built or converted buildings have complex water systems. An effective Legionella management plan is essential as is the evidence that you are actually carrying out the plan. There are obvious areas which present a high risk of Legionella such as showers, air conditioning, sprinkler systems and spas but there are other areas that can easily be overlooked, ornamental fountains, water features, shower taps in kitchens, salad and buffet bars with humidifiers. Another water related area which needs to be managed is portable water which will be consumed by your patrons. It is essential that coffee makers, ice machines and all drinking water outlets are well maintained and cleaned. Often signs are put up in ensuite bathrooms warning that the water is not drinking water. It is still used for brushing teeth so it is essential that is is suitable and safe for human consumption. If this water is from tanks then it is essential that the tanks are cleaned, disinfected and sampled.


Control of substances Hazardous to Health Regulation (2002)

Health and safety at work Act 1974

Professional Guidelines

HSE – Legionnaires Disease Guide for Employers

HTM 04-01 (The Control of Legionella, Hygeine, ‘Safe hot water’, Cold water and Drinking water sytems)

ACOP L8 (The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems)nd sampled.